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Let's Play Factory Town [Early Access] — PC Gameplay Part 14 — Amateur Earthbending

Let's Play Factory Town [Early Access] — PC Gameplay Part 14 — Amateur Earthbending

Start with just a few workers and a single building in the middle of the wilderness. Explore your surroundings and harvest trees, crops, and minerals, then process them into increasingly valuable goods.

Invest in research to unlock automated machinery and logistics to optimize your transport networks & production chains, eventually discovering magic-powered systems that allow clever players to boost their efficiency to extreme levels.

— Tons of optimization tools at your disposal — roads, wagons, minecarts & railways, marble-run chutes, conveyor belts, and other magical and physical contraptions

— 3D terrain will make it a challenge to deliver your resources from high in the mountains down to your production centers

— Build complex logical systems with gates, triggers, and filters to make sure resources get to the right destination

— Manage supply chains to keep your population supplied with food, clothing, medicine, and other important goods

— Use simple click-and-drag actions to directly issue behavior commands to workers, telling them what items to pick up and where to deliver them.

— Unlock magical secrets to boost your production buildings to absurd output rates

— Mountain in your way? Need a river? No problem — use the terrain sculpting tools to shape the world to suit your needs.

— Sandbox / Creative Mode / Powerful procedural world generation & map editor tools to create and share your own worlds & custom scenarios

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